Landslide surveys

How can we help?

Do you live in a coastal area? Do you live close to an historic quarry or rock slopes? Are you concerned about landslides, landslip, rockfall or coastal erosion? Do you need a landslide Survey?

Slope Stability Southwest have the expertise and experience to help, we are friendly, knowledgeable and cost effective. Take a look at our services below and if you have any questions or concerns, give us a call and speak to an experienced geologist.

The GeoSLOPE Survey

Priced from typically £995-£1500 * our GeoSLOPE Stability Survey provides a cost-effective assessment of soil or rock slope stability on your site. A Chartered Engineering Geologist will visit the site to undertake a detailed walkover inspection of the soil or rock slope, before compiling the findings into a  detailed and comprehensive report. This report is designed to assess the risk of landslide, landslip or rockfall and is intended to provide the assurance required by mortgage providers, home insurance, home owners and prospective purchasers.

Our specialist GeoSLOPE reports include:

  • The GeoSLOPE Quarry Stability Survey,
  • The GeoSLOPE Coastal Erosion Survey, and
  • The GeoSLOPE Landslide Stability Survey.

*VAT not chargeable

Landslip, landslide and rockfall survey on Towan Beach with jacket and work notes.

The Coastal Vulnerability Assessment Report

Priced typically £1400 – £2000*, The Coastal Vulnerability Assessment was introduced as part of National Planning Policy Framework guidance published in 2018. The principal set out in this document is to ‘reduce risk from coastal change by avoiding inappropriate development of ‘coastal areas’.

The Coastal Vulnerability Assessment has been introduced in response to this document. The assessment will need to demonstrate the appropriateness of proposed development in designated vulnerable areas of coastline, by demonstrating that the development:

  • Would not impair the ability of communities and the natural environment to adapt sustainably to the impacts of a changing climate;
  • Will be safe through the planned lifetime of the development – without the requirement of new or improved coastal defences, and
  • Would not affect the natural balance and stability of the coastline or exacerbate the rate of shoreline change.


*VAT not chargeable

Numerical Landslide, Landslip or Rockfall Risk Assessment

£ POA. We can undertake a numerical quantitative stability assessment on all types of slope, both soil and rock, and these assessments can be made to relate to both permanent and temporary states. Soil slope stability is assessed using analytical software, whereas rock slope stability assessment is undertaken through a combination of stereographic projection and kinematic analysis to assess both likelihood (risk) and mechanism of failure. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail or to request a Slope Stability Assessment.

Rockfall safety survey using stereonet and kinematic projection

Slope Stabilisation Works

Slope Stability Southwest are able to advise and provide recommendations on a range of engineering methods that can be applied to secure unstable slopes and cliff faces. We are happy to liaise with civil and structural engineering contractors to aid the design and implementation of an appropriate remediation scheme. Please contact us to discuss slope stabilisation options in more detail.

Refer to our Blog Posts and  the Cornwall Council Development Plan for more details.