Coastal Vulnerability Assessments

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Are you looking to develop (or redevelop) a property in a coastal area?

If so you may find youself requiring a Coastal Vulnerability Assessment as part of your planning application.

Slope Stabilty Southwest can help!

What is a Coastal Vulnerability Assessment?

The Coastal Vulnerability Assessment was introduced as part of National Planning Policy Framework guidance published in 2018. The principal set out in this document is to ‘reduce risk from coastal change by avoiding inappropriate development of ‘coastal areas’.

The assessment will need to demonstrate the development:

    • Is consistent with policy statements for the local policy unit in the current Shoreline Management Plan,
    • Will not impair the ability of communities and the natural environment to adapt sustainably to the impacts of a changing climate,
    • Will be safe through its planned lifetime, without increasing risk to life or property, or requiring new or improved coastal defences, 
    • Provides safe access and egress for the site and its users, and
    • Would not affect the natural balance and stability of the coastline or exacerbate the rate of shoreline change to the extent that changes to the coastline are increased nearby or elsewhere, and

Slope Stability Southwest have experience of working closely with the local planning authority to manage the requirements of this guidance and keep proposed coastline development sustainable to the environment.

Take a look at the Cornwall Council Climate Emergancy Development Plan for more details.

Coastal Vulnerability Assessment at a rocky foreshore at Whitsand Bay, Torpoint.

How do i know if I need a Coastal Vulnerability Assessment?

A Coastal Vulnerability Assessment may typicaly be required as part of a planning application, but take a look at our information page for more details:

Coastal Vulnerability Assessment – What is it and do I need one?

How much does it cost?

Depending on the size and complexity of the site and proposed develoment, the Coastal Vulnerability Assessment is typically priced at £1400.00 – £2000.00

(VAT not chargeable).

How long does it take?

Slope Stability Southqwest can typically undertake a Coastal Vulnerability Assessment within a week of instruction, we can then issue the report within 5-10 days. However let us know if you need something urgently… we might be able to work some magic!

Newquay Bay Coastal Exclusion Zone - Coastal Vulnerability Assessment
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